by Harriet R. McMahon, Ph.D.

For two weeks in October 2002 the Maryland, D.C. and Virginia areas had been living in fear and unrest because of the sniper shootings and threats to our children. Many people called me expressing their fear and asking the question, "Why is this happening?" As I was meditating one day I began to reflect on this question and the words that came to me were, "How does this affect me personally?" I was also gently reminded to share this with others when they asked this question, "Why is this happening to us?" I remembered as a child questioning to myself, why was I so lucky to have been born in America when there are so many countries that are suffering and individuals who are poor and always living in a state of danger and fear? As I meditated, I was gently reminded that I take my life of freedom for granted. It was called to my attention that there are places in our world that live with sniper attacks regularly and I have never really thought about them.

When the World Trade Center was destroyed and many lives were taken, it served as a personal wake up call revealing that I take my freedom for granted and that we are also vulnerable. It also reminded me of the power of prayer and maybe I should take some time to look at what I have and show more gratitude for all the blessings and abundance that continuously flow to me. When the anthrax scare occurred, I found myself rejoicing in the water that poured from my shower every morning and gave thanks for the beautiful air that I breath when I walk outside.

As a practitioner of the Andean healing arts, I live and practice the teachings of the Qero, the descendants from the Inka. I was reminded of their prophecy of the Pachuakuti (cosmic transformation), which is now manifesting as a time of disturbance and pandemonium throughout the world. This prophecy is also consistent with the Hopi and Mayan teachings and it speaks of the urgency and importance of choices that humans make and how those choices will affect the manifestation of the future. The Inka tradition along with the Hopi and Mayan traditions speak of the "fifth level" of human consciousness. We have the possibility to evolve as a new human species within our lifetime; thus resulting in a higher state of consciousness, spirituality, creativity, peacefulness, and a renewed balance with nature.

When the sniper attacks occurred, I realized that this sort of thing goes on in many other parts of the world but I never really prayed for them. I would read the paper and think how sad it was but would move on to the next thought - forgetting or purging out of mind the violence and turmoil occurring all around us. It never occurred to me that it could happen to us. When it did, it served as a wake up call for me. I consider myself a compassionate person but I realized now that I have had boundaries on my compassion. As a shamanic healer I feel it is my destiny and responsibility to lift those boundaries and expand my awareness to all beings. We are all one and distance doesn't matter. I felt that there was a higher purpose to these events and maybe it was a wake up call for our whole nation. I am not condoning what these men did, but I now feel much compassion and munay (love and beauty) for all humanity and pray that this state of awareness and prayerfulness continue always in my life.

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