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Healing with Love, Passion and Integrity
All classes and private healing sessions are held at Face Place/Good Life Wellness/BodySpace,
6935 Oakland Mills Road, Suite P    Columbia, MD 21045

To register, call (410) 730-5079, or to register on-line go to www.faceplacespa.com
When an individual experiences a trauma, part of their soul may leave them.  This part of our vital life energy can leave the body and become lost in non-ordinary reality.  This often happens as a way for the individual to protect their self.  An individual who is in a car accident can experience soul loss.  They will speak of how they observed their injured body from above (using the words like “out of body”). Sometimes the soul will return following the trauma, but, if it doesn’t, other more serious situations will occur.  This will manifest as many different types of symptoms such as memory loss, depression, chronic illnesses, anxiety, addictions, fears, and many more.
During a Soul Recovery session we use the “journey” to recover the lost parts of the soul.  The journey is a way for the shaman to shift the consciousness from ordinary reality to non-ordinary reality for obtaining information and healing.  Once the soul part is retrieved we return the part(s) to the individual - usually with a special gift or message from Spirit.

The result of a Soul Recovery session enables the individual to rediscover their full potential, regain their personal power, and to live a life of love and joy.