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Healing with Love, Passion and Integrity
All classes and private healing sessions are held at Face Place/Good Life Wellness/BodySpace,
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Hypnosis is the name given to that psychical state in which the mind is susceptible to suggestions. It is a normal phenomenon of deep relaxation, and is safe and comfortable. Everyone has the ability to respond to hypnosis because everyone has the ability to change his or her own minds. There are limitless ways that individuals can be helped through Hypnotherapy and Regression Therapy.

We enter that altered state on our own.  How often have you been driving your car and you suddenly wonder how you got from one point to the next?  Have you ever been reading a good book or watching a television show and someone enters the room and tries to talk to you but you do not hear them?  That is the state that you want to achieve in Hypnotherapy.  A deep state of focus or concentration allows the subconscious to receive suggestions.

One can never “get stuck” in hypnosis if they fall asleep.  That is a myth.  Once the mind enters the Delta state, which is sleep and dreaming, they are no longer in a hypnotic state.  Another myth about hypnosis is that the facilitator takes control.  This is false because the subconscious always protects an individual and the client always has free will and is actually hyper-attentive.

Some of the benefits of Hypnotherapy are:
"All knowledge is within our minds.   The mind has an infinite capacity to know the world
because the mind created it."
- Edgar Cayce