The Beautiful And Peaceful Childbirth Nature Intended

Have you ever gone to a baby shower and the topic of conversation that seems to dominate is how painful and scary childbirth is? I remember being told by my friends at my baby shower 30 years ago to take whatever drugs they offer me. If childbirth is such a beautiful miracle of life, then why do we hear so many conversations about giving birth that use words such as horrendous, agonizing, and painful? Why would our bodies be made to do something so natural and amazing, but the only way to do this would be through hours of terrible pain and misery? It is time for women to realize the strength and power of their bodies and their ability to give birth the way nature intended.

HypnoBirthing is a childbirth education program that provides the mother and her birthing companion proper preparation for childbirth so that they can experience birthing in an easier, joyful and stress-free manner. This method is not an alternative to medical intervention but it is a collaborative method stressing to couples that they do have the right to question if a procedure is “medically necessary”. For example, when medicine is suggested for the purpose of speeding up the process. These childbirth classes offer relaxation, self-hypnosis, and proper breathing techniques that allow the mother to flow with the natural harmony and rhythm of her body. These techniques allow the body to work with complete neuromuscular harmony, assisting rather than resisting. If fear is present, the body begins to react by causing the muscles within the uterus and elsewhere to tense up. An important part of HypnoBirthing classes is to address those fears and to replace them with confidence and happiness.

The Birthing Companion (e.g., husband, mother, friend, etc.) is a very active participant in this program. The closeness and support that is experienced between mother and birthing companion is a very special partnership that begins in the classes and continues throughout the pregnancy and childbirth. As a HypnoBirthing childbirth educator, I have had the wonderful opportunity to observe couples experiencing the birth of their babies in a loving and peaceful atmosphere.

Two comments that many of the couples have shared with me are that they are amazed at how peaceful and calm their babies seem to be and also, how quickly the mothers feel they recover and “bounce back” following the birthing.

Marie Mongan, author of “HypnoBirthing, A Celebration of Life”, and the founder of the HypnoBirthing Institute in Pembroke, New Hampshire, developed this wonderful program.

Harriet McMahon, Ph.D., CHt, conducts classes and individual sessions. She has been working in the field of hypnosis since 1990 and received her training through the Inner Guidance Psychotherapy Center, The HypnoBirthing Institute and is also certified through the National Guild of Hypnosis. She can be reached at (410) 262-5628 or (410) 381-0808.

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